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Now a days Industry observer the data and take action as per data, they maintenance log in books but not doing any business data analysis. Someone does that but it is only for his setup environment, here we are playing major role, for business data analysis, need to be collect data from different segment of the industry. Each segment has different electrical and physical variables we stored it for multiple years and doing data analysis to improve product QUALITY AND QUANTITY, to improve EFFICACY OF THE MACHINE AND HUMAN, to increase SAFETY OF ASSET AND HUMAN.


To achieve Industry 4.0, Industry has to collect different field system process data so that he can do the business data analysis. We provide solution by developing web based databased server and mobile application. And achieve


  1. Gather the data of Electrical and Physical parameters
  2. Generated different type reports
  3. Do the business data analysis
  4. Corrective measures against that data
  5. Mobile application to easy access and maintain system and process withing plant

Software utilities to configure product components at sites

Product configuration is the process of customizing a product to meet the needs of a customer

Application Software

Application Software

Application software (App) is a kind of software that performs specific functions for the end user by interacting directly with it.


Database development and maintain for customers

A well-maintained database will ensure that your business runs smoothly and that your data is organized and easy to access.

Mobile Application

A mobile app is an application software specifically developed for use on small, mobile computing devices such as tablets and smartphones